October 2010 - Hi Donna! It's been a while, so I thought I would send a quick note and some pictures. I cannot not tell you enough how wonderful Fergus has been. What a perfect dog!! He has settled in with us so well. He is the most affectionate dog ever and loves his dogmates, Sugar and Pootie. He goes everywhere with us -- parks, out to dinner or lunch, walks through downtown Ann Arbor -- it doesn't matter, he just loves to get in the car and go on an adventure. He is an absolute gentleman, very well behaved and no more marking or accidents whatsoever. He sits, stays, goes down on command and shakes hands. And, I never have to worry about him running off -- he never likes to get too far away from his family. We love, love, love him!! He is very attached to Sugar and they often sleep together, as you will see. He loves the water and his favorite toy is the frisbee. He will chase that thing all day long and when he is done, he hides it in the myrtle bed so no one else will get it. So funny! Hope you enjoy the pictures. Also hope everything is going well with you and the dogs. Take care, Mike


November 5, 2009 - Hi Donna, Oh my goodness, best buds... Jesse loves Bauer, he loves Bauer 1st, then John and then me... Bauer loves Jesse, he loves me first, then Jesse, then John. What the heck we all just love each other.... Bauer loves the park! The 1st time we went he was so excited!!! You were so right when you said Bauer's a good boy, he's the best! Jesse's a lover pup. Jesse's apartment in the kitchen has worked out nice. I set it up like you had in your dinette area. The paper's for the bathroom, a blanket for a play area and a cage for the house with a pen around it. When we go to work Jesse goes into his penned area. This way we don't have to worry about Jesse's puppy bites driving Bauer crazy. I have taken lots of pictures in order to get some good ones. It's hard to get just the right picture. I took pictures of the park and the babies. I'm putting a book together for you. I can't wait to take Jesse to the park. The vet recommended to not take Jesse to the park until he has his shots on Nov. 10th. In the mean time we will continue to take walks in the park (Bauer for now), play in the leaves, toss the ball, play with toys, get puppy bites, and lots of hugs and kisses. The house feels great with them here. It was the right choice to have both of them... You breed great dogs - they are personality plus ... They are the BEST!!! Thanks for everything, Sharon and John


November 18th, 2009 -   Donna, Bax has adjusted like he has been with us forever. He loves everyone he meets. He tries to play with Max, but Max is still a little standoffish. He plays so hard that when he is ready for a nap - he crashes. I signed him up for obedience starting next Tuesday - local groomer shop - puppy class - 1/2 hr. each time. You did a great job with the socializing! I will keep you posted. The groomer wants to know if you want your business card posted. Let me know.   Sandy


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