About Me

My name is Donna Kendall. I live in Clinton Township, a suburb of Detroit, Michigan. I grew up in a family that spent most of their summer vacations in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan. It was there that I had acquired a love for the outdoors and wildlife. In truth most any animal will capture my heart, but canines are my passion. My curiosity and love for dogs began as a child and escalated as the years had passed. When I was just nine years old, I asked a neighbor if I could walk their 4 year old Doberman Pincher by the name of Lola. It slowly caught on in the neighborhood that I was willing and very capable of the task. From then on you could see me walking dogs of all breeds and sizes on any given day. When I was out and on my own, I acquired my first dog: a German Shepherd / Husky mix named Ammo, and began learning how to lovingly and effectively train him. Most people were amazed at the absolute obedience and loyalty this dog had shown me. After a while I began taking an interest in canine sports such as agility and fly-ball, and occasionally provided advice and helped others train their dogs. My love for dogs was to become a way of life as I embarked on a new career in dog training and behavior, but that's another story...
I had my first experience with Cockers in 2001 at Shores Kennels in Clinton Township, Michigan, then owned by Gina Vesco, who also owns Clinton Oaks Cocker Spaniels, Golden Retrievers and Vizlas. Gina had quickly recognized my ability for working with dogs and the dedication for their health and well-being, and soon promoted me as manager of the facility. It was at Shores Kennels where I learned to whelp and care for many litters of both Cockers and Goldens. My husband and I purchased Shores Kennels from her in 2012 - aqain, another story.
While I have always been drawn to the larger breeds, I found myself falling in love with Cocker Spaniels. The one to first steal my heart was a beautiful brown and tan Clinton Oaks cocker who was appropriately named Miss Superior (aka: Terra), and became part of the Kendall pack at 7 weeks old.
Terra's excellent pedigree is apparent in her sweet personality, physical attributes, and correctness of breed. Terra's incredible qualities had sparked the desire to become a breeder of Cocker Spaniels. So began another new venture in the canine arena, and Aurora Mist Cockers was created.